SRX600 K&N Panel Filter and Puig windscreen

It was time to replace my air filter, and I opted to go for a K&N model. Although it is possible to install pod filters on the SRX's carbs, it requires cutting up the airbox/battery tray and probably requires carb tuning. I decided to play it safe and go with a drop-in replacement panel filter. After three weeks, it finally arrived. Installing it wasn't difficult, though the instructions were good as nonexistent. After taking out the old filter and degreasing its contact area, I stuck the provided foam gasket with the sticky side on the airbox. Then I applied the provided gasket grease and slid in the (oiled) filter. Be conservative in oiling the filter: I pretty much ran out of oil after applying it to about a third of the filter, and was only able to sprinkle a bit of the stuff on the later ridges. Luckily the next day the filter was completely red; the stuff does a good job of seeping through the fabric. I had to slightly bend the metal retention bracket to get the bolt to fit again. The new filter seems to have resulted in more pull higher through the RPM range, but without a dyno to test with this is rather subjective of course.

The filter.

I also fitted a small windscreen, which makes speeds >100 km/h significantly more tolerable. The screen, manufactured by Puig, fit nicely to the head light brackets. Unfortunately the installation instructions were incorrect: the screen's retention brackets should be installed on the inner side of the head light brackets, not the outside. The pictures on the box do show this correctly.

The windscreen.
Created: Jul 14 2011
Modified: Dec 15 2019