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Hard disk keeps waking up

I have a sleep time set for my hard drive in the Windows power settings. When not in use, I unmount the volume using mountvol. However, every hour the drive would power on again. I tried various things:

None of these worked. Eventually I started poking around the Event Viewer and found the log "Microsoft\Windows\Storage\Storport\Health" with entries such as

SMART statistics for Storport Device (Port = 0, Path = 0x1, Target = 0x0, Lun = 0x0).               
Corresponding Class Disk Device Guid is {393d07a0-c70a-1fd8-c4cd-7fc6fdab3fc6}.

Now that I knew the problem I could search more specifically and found this. Solution:


Download .reg file

Update: although this helped, my hard drive is still occasionally woken up by a Windows Update scheduled task. I haven't been able to find out the logic as to when it's scheduled.

Created: Mar 31 2020
Modified: Apr 03 2020