Deus Ex on modern systems


First things first:

Deus Exe

deus exe launcher
A launcher...
deus exe configuration
...that gives access to the options of the old dxfix tool.



Deus Exe is a replacement Deus Ex executable that attempts to deal with the game's issues at the source instead of relying on band-aid fixes. Works with the CD and Steam versions.


Attention: As noted, this executable stores saves and configuration files in 'My Documents'. Don't worry, existing savegames in the old location will be detected and can be loaded. If you with to continue to use the original file locations, use the '-localdata' command-line option.

Command-line options

-skipdialog (version 3 and later)
Hides the startup dialog and immediately launches the game, like the original .exe did.
-localdata (version 4 and later)
Uses the standard directory structure to store configuration files, savegames, etc., instead of 'My Documents'. I.E. it acts like the original exe does. Make sure you've got write privileges in the Deus Ex directory!

Using mods

deus exe data directory dialog
The data directory dialog.

For 'add-on'-like mods such as 'Shifter' and 'New Vision' it suffices to go into the 'Data Directories' dialog and pick the mod's directory. If you wish to use Deus Exe with mods like 'The Nameless Mod' and 'Redsun 2020', which come with their own executables, just replace that with a copy of the Deus Exe .exe file. Then run the mod using its installed shortcut.

Known issues

Extra niceties:

Alternative renderers: fix graphical issues or run the game with modern effects.
  • My own Direct3D 10 renderer aims to have the game look good and run well on modern systems. Always has 32 bit color and other quality settings enabled. Offers various quality improvements such as anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering. Obviously, this is my personal pick when it comes to playing DX.
  • This site offers a number of alternative renderers for Deus Ex; OpenGL and Direct3D 9. Support anti aliasing, anisotropic filtering and various fixes.
v2.0 Fan patch

The v2.0 patch fixes a number of leftover bugs, such as the infamous one related to Paul's fate.

Map fix

This patch fixes up some GOTY edition maps that Eidos accidentally shipped old versions of.

New Vision: updated textures

New Vision is a very cool texture replacement project which overhauls the game with modern-quality textures. Definitely recommended. Requires an alternative renderer, a couple of which it includes. After installing New Vision, just go into the Deus Exe 'Data Directories' window and select 'NVTextures' to enable the mod.

deus ex screenshot
Deus Ex in Direct3D 10 mode with New Vision.
Deus Ex Enhanced: further user interface fixes

Deus Ex Enhanced fixes some niggles Deus Exe does not: it includes high-res fonts and user interface elements, and fixes scopes/binoculars at high resolutions. Especially recommended if you find the scaling-disabled text too tiny. Unfortunately, this patch is mutually exclusive with the v2.0 fan patch discussed above.

High definition project: updated models

The Deus Ex High Definition Project was an effort to update the game's models and textures; little activity in years but they did release a pack of improved decorative models such as phones, ATMs etc. Update: new site here but no updates as of yet. At this point there's not much reason to install it.

Note that the HDTP launcher shortcut does not work with 1. a standard steam DeusEx.exe 2. Deus Ex installation locations with spaces in them. Just install Deus Exe and pick the HDTP files in the 'Data Directories' dialog, this allows you to combine the HDTP models with the standard game or other mods.

Issues and solutions

Deus Ex freezes/hangs/crashes in the LaGuardia airfield map
Will mailed me saying that his game would hang a few seconds after entering the LaGuardia topside; he hadn't been able to find a solution, only more people with the same issue. Sure enough, when I tried his quicksave the game would just hang, requiring it to be killed from the task manager. After a few tries, it finally popped up an error message:
LaGuardia crash
Evidently, some security bot's gone haywire. Not the most elegant solution, but what works is to just kill them off using the console:
  • Start the game with the -hax0r command-line option to enable cheat mode. This can be done by creating a shortcut to deusex.exe and adding the command line option as shown:
    Enabling cheats
  • Press 't', delete the 'say' text and enter 'playersonly' to freeze all creatures. This will afford you enough time for the next step.
  • Now enter 'killall deusex.securitybot3' to remove all offending bots from the map.
  • Enter 'playersonly' again to resume normal play.

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Created: Apr 21 2008
Modified: Aug 23 2013