701 mods


My bike is a 2017 model, the first year with the dual-balancer engine. For info on problems with this bike, see here.

Calibrated speedometer

Like on many bikes, the speedo reads high. As the bike's speedometer can be re-calibrated for different wheel sizes, this is easy to fix by just inputting a 5% smaller wheel size. Unplug the gauge unit and hold both buttons to unlock hidden settings, wait a while for the wheel diameter adjustment to appear. I put in 5% less than the value that was in there.

Radial master cylinder and monoblock caliper

See here.

Tach and oil temperature sensor (and GPS)

See here.


At first I tried bar-end mirrors mounted inboard, like you often see on supermotos. However I didn't like that I couldnt see directly behind me like that. I ended up going with Shin Yo Agila mirrors.

Lithium Battery

I installed a Shido lithium battery, it works well and is much lighter than the stock battery.

Camo Wrap

This was a cheap way to customize the look of the bike. However, it took much frustration and multiple hours per body panel to accomplish - not something I'll probably do again. I bought an extra set of panels to wrap, they aren't expensive and that way I could keep my original body panels pristine.

Going from this...
mods this is noteasy.

Shorty Tail

The stock 701 tail has clearly been designed to be easily shortened, the bottom part just unbolts. I used spacers and plastic screws to bolt the license plate to the leftover holes. The license plate light is part of the removed bit, so I used a stick-on license plate light, which has stayed put for 3 years now. As a reflector is mandatory, I used a piece of reflective tape for that. I used an automotive push pin to cover the hole for the original license plate light wire.


Rack + Bag

As you can't even take the toolkit and a lock with you on the standard bike, I elected to fit a Perun Moto luggage rack. It's very well thought out and well-made too. I used a cutting board to craft an adapter to fit a Kriega Rally Pack. It fits very well, but I've had some issues with the pack. First of all, at some point it started letting in water - they sent me a new liner, though. Additionally, once installed the pack is very hard to remove. I filed the (round) fasteners to fit a hex wrench but even then it's a pain.

Adapter plate to fit Rally Pack on luggage rack.

Turning Kit

The original Husqvarna 701 tuning kit means you've got a bit more power, nicer sound, and you can get rid of emissions solenoids, the evap canister, hoses etc. Another nice bonus is that the cat-less exhaust gets significantly less warm. Although it's not that noisy due to the DB killer (which is difficult to remove) it's not E-approved.

I replaced the fuel cap breather hose with a longer one. After removal of the charcoal canister and related hardware, the stock hose is so short that excess fuel would drip on the frame.

Rim striping

I used pre-formed KTM rim striping stickers (part no. 6110909900020). The kind of sticker you get on a little spool is difficult to apply as the sides of the wheels are concave.

Heel guards

The Perun Moto heel guards look much nicer than the stock plastic ones.

Shift mechanism update

The 2018 701 came with an updated shift mechanism, including some hard-to-replace parts like the shift drum. In an attempt to combat false neutrals between 5/6, I elected to replace the shift star and lever/spring:

I have to say that it did improve shifting somewhat, but it seems that mostly the shift mechanism wearing with age improves shifting. I have read of issues of the 'pins' of the 2018 and later shift star breaking off. The 2020 SMC-R uses a new part again, which encloses the pins like in the 2017 shift star. The arm/spring are still the same. However the new part isn't used by any Husqvarna bikes as of writing (July 2020).

Crash mushrooms

For fork / swing arm protection I went with Crash Mushrooms instead of the flimsy KTM ones, though I added dome nuts to make everything extra tidy and to prevent the face where I cut the thread bar from rusting. The kit comes with replacement axle nuts with a hole in them.

Fuel line fitting protection

I've seen cases where frame had cut into the fuel line fitting, so I uses a piece of oil hose to prevent that. However, later I had an issue where part of the fuel tank had cut into the fuel line...

Created: Jul 24 2020
Modified: Aug 22 2020